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Karen Yaniv - Spiritual advisor, Life Guidance, Creator, healer

High Frequencies - Telepathy - Alchemy - Dreaming - Soul Guidance - Past Incarnations - Master Tapping

Grow your light

Learning how to activate and work
with the frequency of light

Grow your abilities

Learning how to work with

energy reading, channeling,
grow your Intuition and self-healing

Highly Sensitive People Entrepreneurship development - how to channel your natural Talent, and make a living from it

Through Energy Reading,
 Channeling the Source Consciousness, the Higher Healers & Messengers,
and The Frequency of Light 

Your inner world and the Intelligence in the universe

My vocation and mission is to illuminate your path

Everyone's spiritual journey is unique and collective. As I have come to learn, if you allow it, your path will unfold to serve your highest good.

When I was in my mother's womb, in the seventh month of her pregnancy, we went through a tragic terrorist attack and had a near-death experience. Since then I can feel, see, hear, and know clearly what is happening beyond the material.

Through the natural gift I received from the universe -
I can understand and read consciousness and energy, and receive messages and higher frequencies from the intelligence that exists in the universe - The Consciousness of the Source.
Throughout my life, I learned how to motivate and channel knowledge in a creative way into the paths of life.

I was meant to be a communicator and a bridge between the knowing soul or higher Self and the matter and between the personal subconscious and the intelligence in the universe,

I give people the tremendous powers needed to move, purify, and release past experiences, in order to allow them inner fulfillment and raise balance by reflecting from the outside.

I help and teach Highly Sensitive  Empath People, who have their own unique world and language.
For those whose natural path is emotional-thought-creative independence,
And for those who thirst to know, to know themselves, and to live life in their unique way,in the best and most beneficial way for them.

* I work with my higher&inner guidance and with the higher healers and messengers

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Karen Yaniv

Counseling and guidance sessions

Personal Growth - Life through Your Soul Path

According to the question or topic you came up with, and your need at this moment,
We can use any of the tools I have to offer you so that you can move from where you are to where you want to be -

I will reflect and unfold your life path and unique energy
We can discover and release blockages and pains from your subconscious and consciousness
We can enable and create an energetic and spiritual connection between the higher guidance channel and your life path

You will learn how to create a stable spiritual and practical channel for yourself

The advice and guidance is for the path and all circles of life personal/couple/family

Consulting for businesses and entrepreneurs - Your unique path, In the light of entrepreneurship and business

- What are your wants and needs regarding livelihood?
- What are your dreams?
- What is your natural talent?
- How can you express and develop your talent and make a living from it, depending on the point of development at which you are?

Through an energetic reading and channeling of personal messages for you, I will create a mapping of your life path for you, and I will be able to show in a 'superficial view' the abilities and essences that you have.

I will help you find your natural talent, and direct you how you can creatively make a living from it.

I can help you discover new creative and original ideas for product development.

If you have employees or want to
hire people, I can direct you to which people with which talents will fit into the most correct positions for them and for your business according to their energetic reading.

In addition, I will show you a variety of possibilities and creative ways through which you can express your abilities and talents and make a living from them.
We will also deal with conflict resolution at turning points in the business. Order, clarity and focus, for the rest of the way.

Studying higher consciousness and tools of light

To live as a unique channel in the frequency of being, healing and creation
Studies - techniques of light - Channeling, energetic reading Self-healing, practical spirituality

Connect to the inner master
Know how to receive and communicate messages
Know how to read energies
Create a healing and self-nourishing space
Create and heal with the consciousness of light
Connect to the personal and cosmic channel of abundance and creativity
Follow the spiritual-practical path
Know the order and rules of the universe and the essence of life

Master Tapping and Chakra Tapping - Healing through the subconscious

Discovering the secrets of healing through the subconscious

Master Tapping - communication with the subconscious. It is a way of diagnosis and a healing technique with elements of the body-mind and is essentially based on the EFT method (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other methods such as recall healing, kinesiology and the new German medicine.

A master tapping session called 'meditapping' provides a deep and comprehensive answer, and explains why we experience the emotional or physical pain we encounter in our lives.

In essence, it is used to locate and neutralize the direct causes, which created the problem in the first place in the subconscious.

It makes it possible to root out: diseases, harmful habits, addictions, eating disorders, limiting beliefs, anxieties, fears, traumas, allergies, hyperactivity, attention and concentration, coordination problems, imbalance, migraines, etc.

Master Tapping is a way that relies on the scientific fact that our brain is a kind of huge biological computer, which can absorb and process countless thoughts a day.
We are not able to remember at any moment all the information that exists in the recesses of the brain, but nothing is lost -

All memories are imprinted in our brain along with the original emotional charge that is burned into them, positive or negative, and influence our behavior and results in life even when we do not remember or are aware of their existence.

Accessing the negative memories in the subconscious and releasing their charge and emotional tension through effective techniques, can lead to the healing and release of a large amount of charged memories at a given time, and in most cases to the point of releasing and solving the problem or conflict from the root.

At Master Tapping we use diagnostics through a biotensor, a kind of antenna for receiving frequencies from the personal subconscious and the broad intelligence that exists in the universe.

In the basis of my diagnosis I use energetic reading and channeling which are the tools with which I came into the world, and for me Master Tapping is a healing tool and the extension arm that is their natural continuation.

What makes this tool and way powerful and unique is the directness, precision and simplicity with which the weeds (negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions) are uprooted:
In step 1 - locate the negative thoughts and feelings that are directly related to the problem
In step 2 - locate in which body parts these negative feelings and thoughts are trapped
In step 3 - neutralize the negative charge that is in them by drumming on only one point

The drumming point changes depending on the part of the body where the negative thoughts and feelings are trapped

By bringing the issues to consciousness and releasing them through tapping,

We release the emotional burden and bring in peace, awareness and healing

Tal Shahar 2023

"Wonderful Karen helped me a lot this year in three important areas: parenting, real estate, and relationships.


In the three cases, I consulted with many people and friends and I did not reach a decision and clarity in all three Keren helped me with her deep and intelligent vision to reach a complete and peaceful solution.


My life is much better thanks to the decisions I made with her advice.

It is precious, deep, and very warm. Highly recommend."

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