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All the signs that you are Highly Sensitive and Empathetic People - The basic Guide

Who are highly sensitive and empathic people? HSP and how they can live a life full of sharing and fulfillment!

Empathic and sensitive people feel more than other people. Because of this, they have a tendency to withdraw and stay away from the company of other people, and also sometimes live between the poles and the extremes... like being too much outside, then too much inside.

They can awaken their awareness, recognize their own abilities and their unique complexity, use them to their advantage and thereby succeed in fulfilling their lives fully.

And let's see if you recognize yourselves:

1. So what is high sensitivity?

Sensitive people were born with the ability to feel anything in a very heightened way. Sounds, smells, seeing many details both physically and paying attention to many details related to the thoughts and feelings of others. From this, they are aware of the many compressions that people produce in space.

They have the virtues of being able to see beyond what is visible or what someone says on the surface. They see the naked truth of the intentions of others, even the intentions that people consciously and unconsciously want to hide.

And so when they live without awareness of these abilities, they may be exposed to the whims and desires of other people who recognize their qualities and want to use or harness them to their advantage.

Empathic people can often know things that no one else knows, can predict events, and can see a person's hidden nature.

In addition, they have wonderful abilities to see deep and beyond the surface everything that other people mean to feel, think, hurt and more.

Empathic people are born with natural healing abilities. They are very creative and they feel they need to look strong to those around them.

Out of their natural tendency to help others, they prefer to avoid in any way causing discomfort to those around them and therefore they hide their feelings. More than anything they want to hide their sensitivity, because they have learned well that this sensitivity, when unconscious, creates situations where they are the victim. And so over the years, they forget their true nature and try to be like everyone else. This creates endless frustrations, fears, anxieties, enormous anger and physical and emotional pain.

Therefore, out of awareness, it is important for sensitive people to learn and develop emotional independence instead of dependence.

That is, where they feel other people to the point of losing their identity, they can learn to separate themselves from the environment, without fear that their abilities will suffer.

This helps them to help themselves choose the right situations, avoid the offensive situations and people, and conduct themselves in the world from their unique channel, when they realize themselves and their abilities and live with a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.


Awareness, living according to the different levels -

Very sensitive people who learn and develop awareness of their abilities and gifts, manage to live with attention to themselves and know how to answer and nourish each layer exactly as it asks: emotion, mind, body, spirit, soul. And as for others, it will be easy for them to respond and know what to do with what they see beyond...

It is important to pay attention and know that, although there are many common features, each sensitive person is a unique and different world on his/her own, just like a fingerprint.

2. Why do sensitive people absorb other people's emotions and energies?

Empathetic people have the ability to feel down to the smallest hairs what others are going through, and from their sensitivity comes a deep identification that causes them to absorb what another person is going through (energies, emotions, thoughts) to be affected by it themselves and to actually experience on a cellular level what others experience and feel can affect and harm them, even to the point of illness.


Note that sometimes they avoid talking about it in order not to be labeled as strange and different and think that something is wrong with them.


Over time - being too strong (instead of being flexible), staying away from society (instead of finding the way to be part) weakens the sensitive people mentally, energetically and physically.


The ability to absorb from other people comes from the gift and the ability to see on several different levels: material, energetic, my mind, my soul. This very unique sight and their very deep identification that stems from empathy , makes them more exposed and therefore more affected.


Also, sensitive people must avoid exposure to violence, more drama (also in movies) and eradicate anger and tensions that they absorb and accumulate inside. (with the help of awareness, conversation, practice with the mind, energy and body and more)

3. Why are sensitive introverts?

Empathic and sensitive people are aware and see beauty in the countless details in the universe, therefore they have a rich inner world, which provides them with so much interest, that they don't really need external entertainment.

When meeting the outside, they are so sensitive and influenced in a multi-sensory way that they prefer to spend a lot of quiet time alone.


They don't want to be considered rude and unsociable or, God forbid, different... and therefore -

Sometimes because of this they are exposed to many stimuli which produce an exhausting multi-sensory flood in them, and when they forget or do not know how to consider their needs, they want to dull the increased experiences with a tendency to various addictions which are related to uncontrollable desires of life - sex, food, drugs, alcohol .


That is, the choice of extroverted activities or acting in an introverted-extroverted and extreme way comes to try to balance the introverts and the multi-sensory overstimulation they experience, while ignoring who they really are...


The right way to live as sensitive and feeling people is to find the balance between being inside and being outside, between movement and relaxation, that is, to be aware of the times when it is necessary to let go and rest and the times when it is necessary to move the body, to move the breath, the action, the strength Life and the source of creation.

4. How is it that sensitive people flourish when they are in nature?

You will notice that sensitive people like to be close to animals, plants and nature in general. Because there they receive renewed strength, empty themselves of excess and unnecessary charge that they absorbed from human consciousness and recharge themselves energetically.

In nature, the feeling is closest to home, you can understand even without words... It is easier to talk to a bird or a tree than to humans, because the animals and plants also speak the language of energy and light, and most people are not at all aware or connected to their energy fields and vocation my soul


You will notice that sensitive people like to be close to nature. Because there they get renewed strength and recharge themselves energetically and also learn about the ways of the universe through observing life and plants.


This is actually the first house of people with high sensitivity. The animals and plants, transmit clean and clear energy to the universe and speak in a language that is without words but very understandable. Therefore, it is easy for us to stay in places where we do not have to explain ourselves, and communication is understood by all parties without effort. This allows us supreme happiness and contentment.

5. What is a person who is also a detector of the truth?

Empathic people have different abilities when it comes to reading other people. They can easily see through someone else's mask, and their very ability to see through the deception already reveals the true intent. They are excellent at spotting a lie or truth. If they catch you in a lie, they might not even say anything about it, mostly out of fear of confronting someone powerful, but they will always remember.

This ability is actually an understanding of what the person in front of them is transmitting. Many times people say something, like a sweet thing, but transmit something else and sensitive people can easily notice this.


A lie detector is a wonderful tool, because it helps a sensitive person to go beyond the bullshit and touch the important point, thereby also helping themselves when someone thinks that a sensitive person is both manipulable and others.


The wisdom is to learn and also practice and know what to do with what you see, what and when to say and how?


The frustration in the field of vision beyond, comes when you don't know what to do with what you see, and you just absorb the negative energy and take it in personally.


Therefore, sensitive people want to learn as much as possible about themselves, about the unique energy, and also to meet the past traumas that created fears that prevent them from using their strengths, and knowing how to raise awareness and listening to themselves and the voice of their soul, are the ways that will help them know what to do in every moment.

6. Why are we overgiving?

Highly sensitive people, came here to help humanity. And they feel from a young age, a mission to help others.

Empathic people have an aura that radiates healing, understanding of the other, inclusion, unconditional love and a lot of light of compassion.

They are natural healers by birth, and one of their main roles is helping and healing, they have a natural urge to help other people in any field, and they will sometimes devote a lot of time and energy to helping others.


That is why they must pay attention to themselves first, and never put their needs aside, otherwise this can cause emotional trauma for them, especially if they have developed survival behavior and thinking since childhood.

If they choose to ignore their physical, emotional, spiritual, spiritual needs for too long, they will eventually grow tired, sick, depressed and give up on life. You should be awake and pay special attention to this.

7. Why can empathic people be a target for people with negative intentions?

Empathic people do not tend to talk about themselves, due to the high sensitivity, the feeling of exposure and the awareness of the fact that they can be red and big targets for negative people. Negative people such as manipulatives and narcissists are attracted to empaths because they see them and they are so forgiving, understanding and love to give and help and also know how to see the inherent potential in everyone, narcissists on the other hand like to be at the center of things and attract all the attention and the high and pure life force energy to fill At their own expense.


This is a vicious circle and a dependent relationship that you should learn and get out of as soon as possible.


Empathic people can walk around the world fearing the next person who plans to use their powers, and will therefore develop fears and anxieties, in an unconscious and balanced state.

In a situation that is conscious and balanced, they are aware of their emotional side, know how to strengthen it, recognize who the person and energy are standing in front of them, understand their intentions and from there express their desire and need, set a limit or stay away.

8. What is intuition and what are energy fields?

Empathetic people are very connected to their intuition , and are able to make very important decisions based only on gut feeling. They know how to tune in and really feel what the universe is trying to tell them. They perceive and understand the complexity of things in a different way than others know or understand.


In a conscious and balanced state they can also help and advise others on what to do in personal and business situations.


Energy fields are the least compressed form of matter, and they surround everything that exists in the universe. Energy is essentially the least compressed continuum of matter.


People are sensitive, aware and can easily feel an energy or frequency or vibration that another person is transmitting. They can distinguish if someone says one thing and means another, or if someone wants something and does not express their desire, rather someone is negative, and with the help of this conscious ability, they can help others because they see what the problem is or what the thing that needs attention or To change.


In order to develop intuition as a tool, they must develop listening to their higher self, spend a lot of time in nature, develop the energetic and cognitive sensors and know how to conduct themselves exactly as suits their way of life. Also, knowing how to receive messages from the universe, everything that happens to us, is the result of thoughts we created, consciously or unconsciously.

9. Why are we easily stressed?

Empaths tend to feel a wide variety of sensations and emotions at every moment and in a compressed and intense way, so they are easily overwhelmed. If they try to perform multiple tasks at once or stay for a long time in crowded spaces, or noisy places, or any place that burdens their senses or emotions, this can lead them to an emotional as well as physical collapse. Even for fears and anxieties.


You should learn to focus on one thing at a time, even if you are people who have many interests. This is a good lesson for their lives in principle.


Physically, the solar plexus area (the solar plexus) and also the digestive system (reality digestion), and the throat, will usually be the sensitive areas in sensitive people. The sensitivity can manifest itself in pain, intestinal blockages, loss of voice and more. Therefore, one must do what they love, from the fact that they learn to open energy channels and strengthen a connection to the earth (persistence and expression of the higher will power).


Emotionally, highly sensitive people must know their limits, must learn that along with the feelings of harmony in the universe, when we are in the body, we are separate.

An understanding of what separation from parents is and a connection to ourselves, and to other sources of nourishment that can meet their needs, which are not necessarily the biological family they were born into. and also to develop an understanding and diagnosis of the space of their energy fields and those of others.

10. Is high sensitivity a weakness or a strength?

Empathetic people sometimes appear to others as weak, but in fact they are very strong, because they have the ability to use empathic awareness, intuition, the ability to collect a great many details that are hidden from others, and know how to use all of these for their highest good and the good of other people.

They can see the sun even in the worst storm. And although there are times when people with less sensitivity take them for granted, and think that with the help of manipulation they will be able to take advantage of these abilities to move them to their advantage, a very sensitive person who is aware, will be able, with the help of the unique listening and all the tools we mentioned, to steer things to other places and thus help themselves and others.

11. Love deeply -

sensitive people, friendships and relationships Empaths are people who love deeply. They love their loved ones and society as a whole with real passion. They like to give and help everyone they can, it's just important that they don't ignore what they see and need, just because they experience the energy of love in a powerful way.


A very sensitive person, should know all his gifts, and be aware, what kind of debt another person will be suitable for his style and nature of life. and know his energy to understand what will support him.


A very sensitive person, must pay attention to his attraction to narcissistic people. The natural tendency to help and give together with the uncontrollable need of a narcissistic person to be at the center of things and draw energy from everyone around him can create a time bomb in which the sensitive person is most of the time in the position of the victim, the giver and the understander. So maybe in the beginning it will be a meeting where the parties will feel the exaltation, but over time the sensitive person will develop grudges, fears and depressions. It is a relationship of mutual dependence when the same wound of the need for recognition is expressed from two different sides, the giver and the taker.


A sensitive person must surround himself with high frequency people. Those who have qualities of giving, encouraging, caring and loving the universe.


A very sensitive person should pay attention to his connection to the earth, and invite into his life everything that will support his ability to exist and flourish, thus creating the possibility to express in a complete way and grow the values ​​and natural qualities of loyalty, joy of life, closeness and friendship.

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